Toronto Blue Jays – My MLB Recent Results, Odds, Picks and Predictions

The Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees picked up their MLB series on Tuesday evening. In Monday’s game, Toronto Blue Jays posted a commanding 7 to 1 victory but scored five runs in the 6th and 7th innings. Yay.

In Tuesdays Match, Jays brought out RHP Mat Latos who has 3.27 ERA. Jays has interesting hitters such as Kevin Pillar who led the way with 13 runs, 31 hits and 8 RBI as well as Kendrys who brought 9 runs, 22 hits and 14 RBI. When combined, results were 3 for 9.

Toronto Blue Jays might have come up with a possible solution after Joe Biagini tossed 41 pitches in Wednesday’s loss to Yankees. For now, Jays have two pitching holes to fill on 8th May to 10th May in Tampa. For now, the main aim is to have Mat Latos pitch Sunday’s start.

They already have starting options with T.J. House and Casey Lawrence. Jays are however missing two members, Aaron Sanchez who is out with ongoing finger woes and J.A who has got shoulder injury. Marcus Stroman left the game on Wednesday night due to tightness in his right arm. The right hander faced 17 batters after 66 pitches and emerged with 8 to 6 loss.

At the time of this writing, Yankees dominate to end Toronto Blue Jays. Mat had three hits including the RBI double as Yankees jumped out to 7 to zero and won for the 15th time.

At least Blue Jays had some good hopes after the game. Stroman said that he is not concerned about his right arm as he will go through his normal procedures during the weekend and will be ready to rock come Tuesday. Let’s hope so 🙂

300 points in a year? I can hardly get 10. How to improve at chess?

Recently I got notified about a new blogpost on my feed, “How to improve at chess” where a player gained 300 points in a year. Pretty impressive, this motivated me to do some more research and offer a write up on my own plan and take on how to improve at chess.

Chess is like mathematics. There are no shortcuts! Every chess player is looking for a secret recipe to help get good at chess. Well, the following activities have been recommended by great coaches and trainers as the most effective methods and should make up the core to improve your game.

One major step you can take to improve your game is to solve tactics on a daily basis. Never spend the whole training session working on tactics. Instead, spending 20 minutes daily is totally sufficient.

Analyze all your losses
Of course, it’s painful to look at your losses, but we learn best from our mistakes. Analyzing your lost games will help you understand what really went wrong and this will help you avoid similar failures in future games.

Study grandmaster games
Analyzing strong players’ games will help you discover many valuable ideas. Put yourself in the players’ shoes and identify all possible threats. Finally, come up with a plan and compare your findings and analysis with what actually happened in the game.

Get a mentor
A chess mentor is a person you can tell about your difficulties, failures, successes and what works and what doesn’t. Your chess mentor doesn’t have to be a master or a grandmaster but should be more successful than you.

Play competitive chess
Practice makes perfect! To perform at your best, face to face competition is a must. Never assume that playing online is enough. This is because the skills you can gain from over the board games cannot be compared to playing online.

Stay Positive
Don’t get frustrated by your failures. Instead, treat your failures as part of the training. It’s better to lose games now rather than losing an important game later.

Will dedicate myself, feeling motivated 🙂