Why I love both Chess and Baseball and how they are alike.

Baseball is a game that requires complete focus, the ability to anticipate where the pitcher is going to throw the ball and planning ahead. All this sounds a lot like another sport we’re all well aware of – Chess! Chess and baseball have a lot more in common than you know. Both these are sports are beloved pass times enjoyed by players and spectators through the world. One would wonder how baseball which is a physical sport can have something in common with Chess which is a sport that relied on mental fitness. Read on and find out!

Both Require Concentration

First and Foremost, both Chess and Baseball require the players to be completely focused on the game. If you get distracted once that means the entire game is over. Getting distracted in Baseball can easily mean a strike whereas getting distracted in Chess can easily result in one of your important pieces being retired or also known as a blunderfest. Both of these sports require complete focus and concentration if you want a shot at winning.

Thinking Ahead

When you’re playing baseball you need to take into account the other players as well and then determine how you’re going to hit the ball so that everyone can get to next base without being “out”. Playing chess without anticipating what move your opponent will make only results in a quick loss. Baseball and Chess both require high levels of concentration that is if you want to win.

The Thrill

If you’ve ever seen a chess competition you’ll know just how thrilling chess tournaments can be. Baseball is one of the most well-known pass times for a reason. The thrill you get when you watch the ball fly out of the park, or a player slams up against the wall to catch it or throws it as he’s falling down really does make baseball a lot more thrilling and for me Chess manages to replicate this exact feeling.

Chess and baseball are both great sports that are more alike than many people realize. SO, if you’re a fan of baseball or Chess giving the other a shot might just be worth your time. Hope you are enjoying my blog 🙂

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