Jay’s Kevin Pillar suspended, just as well!


Toronto is a big city that has been well known for its cultural diversity as it continues to draw major sports events, and we should keep it that way. It is the home to Toronto Blue Jays, a baseball team of the major League. The city is represented in six major league sports with teams in  National Hockey League,  Baseball League, Canadian Football League, Canadian Women’s Hockey League, National Basketball Association and the Major League Soccer.

We’ve hosted many National League  games at the Rogers Centre between 2008 and 2013 and was home to International Bowl, an NCAA post season football game as from 2007 to 2010. We have to preserve this by making sure incidents like this do not repeat and we remain one of the go to places for the sports we all love. I guess this is a reason I like chess, this kind of stuff never happens in chess (or so it seems!).

Toronto Blue Jays suspended Kevin Pillar two games for using anti gay slur on Wednesday during a game against the Atlanta Braves. The incident occurred on Wednesday during night’s game against Atlanta Braves where Kevin Pillar struck out swinging to the end the seventh inning after he was quick pitched by Jason Motte, a Braves pitcher.

The Blue Jays announced the unpaid suspension on Thursday shortly after pillar apologized saying he was utterly embarrassed by his actions toward the pitcher. In his statement, he said that he used inappropriate language and has extended a word that has no place in baseball or anywhere in society today.

Open mindedness and acceptance of differences between people and fans can definitely help show respect and appreciate unique characteristics of people and their ways of life. By treating every person with respect and kindness, we would be more understanding and willing to accept differences in others. If every player can have such kind of tolerance, there would be more peace and harmony than there is in the world of sports.

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